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ERIFON THF 32 Motion Compensator Fluid

ERIFON THF 32 is an explosion resistant HFC water-based hydraulic fluid for use by offshore drilling rigs in motion compensation devices and tensioning equipment.

MacDermid maintains worldwide environmental approvals and can offer ERIFON motion compensator & tensioner fluids suitable for use in every exploration & production region around the world.

Key Benefits


ERIFON THF 32 is a new industry standard fluid that meets stringent Bosch tensioner fluid requirements. It offers outstanding lubricity to reduce wear on sliding surfaces such as direct acting tensioner rods and bearings. Broad material compatibility enables the use of standard materials in current design. A moderate viscosity enables a broader operating temperature envelope and rig mobility to operate in warm and cold climates.


• Fire and explosion resistance

Meets 40:1 DEF STAN 91-110 specification compression ignition ratio

• Environmental compliance

Meets US EPA Gulf of Mexico General GMG 290000 Permit requirements for riser tensioner fluids and has low toxicity to marine species

• Quality tested and certified to industry standards

Meets stringent Bosch tensioner fluid requirements and approved for global use in all cylinder manufacturer’s wireline, in-line or direct acting tensioners

• Excellent corrosion protection and anti-wear and anti-scuffing properties

Long service life and recommended for long-term equipment storage

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