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Green fluid

ERIFON 818 Motion Compensator Fluid

ERIFON 818 is an explosion resistant HFC water-based hydraulic fluid for use by offshore drilling rigs in compensation and tensioning equipment, such as riser tensioners, motion compensators, drill string compensators & crown compensator systems.

MacDermid maintains worldwide environmental approvals and can offer ERIFON motion compensator & tensioner fluids suitable for use in every exploration & production region around the world

Key Benefits


ERIFON 818 is an industry standard fluid that is approved for use by all major equipment manufacturers for wireline tensioner applications. It has excellent stability and compatibility with materials used in offshore compensation and tensioning equipment. ERIFON 818 effectively prevents corrosion in the liquid and vapour phase, offering a long service life and long-term protection during equipment storage.


  • Fire and explosion resistance

Meets 50:1 US MIL–H-22072C specification compression ignition ratio

  • Global environmental compliance

Tested to stringent global environmental acceptability requirements

  • Quality tested and certified to industry standards 

Designed and approved for global use by offshore rigs in wireline tensioner applications

  • Excellent corrosion protection and anti-wear and anti-scuffing properties

Long service life and recommended for long-term equipment storage


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