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OCEANIC ECF 60 Environmental Control Fluid

OCEANIC ECF 60 is a high performance, dyed water-based hydraulic fluid for use in modern and legacy open and closed loop subsea production control systems for gas injection and extraction wells.

OCEANIC ECF is highly biodegradable, with low toxicity & minimal impact on the marine ecosystem including a leak tracing dye. It allows operators to comply with global environmental regulations for the foreseeable future and offers safeguards to fisheries and aquaculture.

Key Benefits


MacDermid maintains worldwide environmental approvals and can offer OCEANIC subsea production control fluids suitable for use in every exploration & production region around the world. OCEANIC ECF 60 provides all of the benefits of OCEANIC ECF with additional freeze protection, lower pour point and hydrate inhibition for natural gas and carbon dioxide extraction and injection wells. Mobile below <-50°C/-58°F and stable up to 170°C / 338°F, this fluid is suitable for operations at 170°C and specified for a maximum operating downhole temperature ≤160°C / 320°F which is inclusive of a 10°C /18°F safety margin. It is a single fluid solution, permitting the same fluid to be used from workshop, through storage, transport, testing, installation and to operation.


· Global environmental compliance

Meets stringent global environmental discharge regulations featuring a Y1 rating in Norway and well beneath exceeds US permit limits. Extremely low toxicity and minimal impact on marine ecosystem

· Quality tested and certified to industry standards

Adapted from OCEANIC ECF which is designed for global use in modern and legacy subsea production control systems and approved by major OEMs (API STD 17F Annex C / ISO 13628-6 Annex C)

· Excellent corrosion protection and lubrication properties

Ideal for long design life (≥25 years). Recommended for long-term equipment storage

· High compatibility with other subsea production control fluids and equipment

Facilitates flushing from one control fluid to another and allows for rapid leak tracing without the addition of leak tracing fluids

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