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Amber fluid

OCEANIC EL 08 Environmental Fluid & Lubricant

OCEANIC EL 08 is a low viscosity, plant-derived biodegradable lubricant that is ideal for umbilical storage, umbilical flushing or as a precursor to production chemicals.

OCEANIC EL 08 is a safe alternative to flammable or hazardous solvents and corrosion inhibitors. It is compatible with hydrophobic fluids (crude oil, carrier solvents) as well as insoluble and unreactive with hydrophilic fluids (water seawater, water glycols, brine).

Key Benefits


OCEANIC EL 08 is a safe and environmentally compliant control fluid for umbilicals. The fluid is not corrosive to metals and inert to many substances that could be encountered in pipes and subsea umbilicals during filling or flushing activities.


  • Meets Gulf of Mexico requirements for toxicity of miscellaneous discharges

Meets offshore permit requirements with no iridescent sheen

  • Meets U.S. Vessel General Permit EAL requirements

Acceptable for US inland waterways, federal and state waterways

  • Non-hazardous, plant-derived API Grade V synthetic oil

Decreased health and safety risks to users and transportation expense. Also has an improved health & safety profile over aromatic hydrocarbon containing mineral oils and common solvents (heavy aromatic naphtha, naphthalene, diesel or xylene).

  • Relatively inert fluid with low viscosity

Not corrosive to metals and will not react with most hydrophobic or hydrophilic fluids. Low viscosity fluids may be pumped easily by ROV’s at seabed temperatures.


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