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OCEANIC SBF 50 Subsea Barrier Fluid

OCEANIC SBF 50 is a high performance, water-based barrier fluid for use in multi-phase booster pumps to enhanced production and injection wells.

OCEANIC SBF 50 is intended for vent to production, but composed of technology employed in dischargeable environmentally compliant control fluids.

Key Benefits


MacDermid maintains worldwide environmental approvals where relevant and can offer OCEANIC fluids suitable for use in every exploration & production region around the world. OCEANIC SBF 50 protects wetted metals from corrosion and possesses vapour phase corrosion inhibitors. It is a single fluid solution, permitting the same fluid to be used from workshop, through storage, transport, testing, installation and to operation.


· Environmental compliance

Composed of materials that meet stringent global environmental discharge regulations where required.

· High compatibility with produced water

OCEANIC SBF 50 is unreactive with typical brines and ionic mixtures in produced water optimizing flow assurance

· Quality tested and certified to OEM requirements

Designed in conjunction with OEM to exacting standards for lubrication, material compatibility, heat transfer and viscosity requirements.

· Excellent corrosion protection and lubrication properties

Ideal for long system life in continuous operaton.

· High compatibility with other water-based heat transfer fluids

Facilitates flushing from one fluid to another, allowing top-up of existing fluids in the field

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