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Press Release

MacDermid Offshore Solutions Releases New Environmental Lubricant

May 28, 2022
Beaker with dark yellow fluid

New Product Release: Oceanic EL 08

MacDermid Offshore Solutions (MacDermid), the leading provider of high-performance and environmentally-friendly products for the offshore oil and gas industry, has expanded its product line with the release of Oceanic EL 08.

Oceanic EL 08 requires minimal effort and saves the expense of flushing or displacing aqueous alternatives in certain cases. Users can avoid environmental concerns and costs associated with collection and disposal of water-based fluids that cannot be put into production streams or chemical injection lines.  

Oceanic EL 08 has been successfully utilized by a major equipment operator in a subsea field off the coast of South America. Oceanic EL 08 is safe to work with and helps customers avoid the trouble of recovering fluid after the installation process because it can be vented into production. Oceanic EL 08 is compatible with oil-soluble production chemicals for the safe and efficient venting to production. Users do not need to change the oil soluble fluid before going into production, which eliminates the time, physical challenge and potential flow assurance concerns associated with changing fluids in chemical injection lines.

This product solidifies the company's longstanding commitment to producing environmentally friendly solutions in a new group of offerings. Though Oceanic EL 08 is the first environmental lubricant in MacDermid's product line, it won't stand alone for long. Eric Handley, MacDermid’s Vice President of Technology, said, "MacDermid's tireless commitment to environmental leadership and sustainable products has enabled responsible operation of hydraulic, electric and hydroelectric equipment used in energy exploration and production for decades. Looking forward, MacDermid will continue creating sustainable, environmental lubricants and fluids needed for energy transition to subsea electrification and carbon capture projects.” 

Flow-assurance engineers, subsea controls engineers, umbilical manufacturers and umbilical engineers can all benefit from the outstanding functionality of the extremely inert material that makes Oceanic EL 08 a time- and cost-saving solution for umbilical storage, flushing and related projects.